Baby Sign Language

baby sign language.png
Why BSL?  My child can hear!

We saw first hand with our nephew how sign language when repeated to babies, are absorbed and stored in their brains, until their hands can sign!  Between 1-2 years old before they can speak, this is ultra valuable in communicating with them!

Ensuring you always say the word when you sign, also improves their language skills, apparently!

I know most BSL learning occurs at home, but doing a class is social, fun, and allows me great bonding time.

I found it a good opportunity to learn signs from a seasoned BSL mum instead of looking them up all the time, and for some support and encouragement to keep going while your infant still isn’t able to sign back!

Check out Baby Signs Singapore!  We are taking lessons with Melanie, who lives in a gorgeous apartment in Sentosa but is best when you drive, otherwise taxi will cost you a bomb.

Classes run for 6 weeks.

This is Nat admiring some flowers during class, after he had played with the balls.

Get started at home.

This is my favourite sign and phonics video in one!  I use the tune all the time with Nat, and he somehow loves hearing us emphasise phonics, which sounds really daft to me but since he likes it, I’ll sing it!

He also loves old Macdonald because of the repetetive animal sounds I make.  Oh the joy!


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