Worthy non-Montessori preschools in Singapore

Other preschools I considered…

Really wanted to see what the expensive fuss was about the Reggio inspired:

  • Etonhouse – organised a tour but cancelled, as I don’t have time for everything and decided they were a huge business driven model and I wanted a school with passion and a small cosy reach.
  • Odyssey – obscenely expensive, and why does a child need to study in a castle, only to be graduating into normal school buildings later on, and in fact, returning home to a small flat and feeling all crap about it.
  • Blue House – beautiful expat oriented space and community, but somehow Reggio is too airy fairy for me, and simply wouldn’t work if the family and wider community are also going “Huh, Simi project-based open ended answer?”  Might work if we lived and plan to continue living La Dolce Vita in Reggio Emilia amongst the Italians.
  • Between two trees – if we move to Holland Road, I will go and visit.

General all rounded and normal priced kindies:  

  • Newton Kindergarten – 70% mandarin immersion by way of having 3 days of the week in mandarin and 2 days in english, and my Alma mater, but during a visit I found it noisy and huge, and even though a loving environment, I didn’t want my child being lost in the masses.  Principal was traditional, more mandarin speaking than English, experienced, and very Singapore Primary school oriented.
  • St James’ Kindergarten -A good friend is very happy with her child there, plus there’s this massive wait list, so must be good right?  I didn’t visit as by that point I had decided it’s Montessori or the highway.
  • Gracefields – Another good friend sends her children there, she’s also a kiasu mum like me.
  • BRMCK 
  • Preschool for multiple intelligences by the ever loving Dr Khoo and team – I really felt the love while I was there, but somehow the place is too small and cramped for my liking.
  • Mind Champs – Sorry to say, but I feel they are overpriced yet don’t offer anything more than a normal local style childcare dressed in fancy terms to make you feel like your child is becoming a genius while being in there.

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