What is the Golden Heirachy?

This is a simple truth told to me by a fellow christian in my journey.  It is a natural order of life, as a Christian, and hopefully sits well with non Christians too!

We are a Catholic family, (by no means perfect, but at least we have our eye on the same end point!), and we agree that by placing God first, our spouse second and above the family and kids, everything is in its right order.

Issues come when the order is topsy turvy.

  1. Spouses are too much into each other, they lead each other down the wrong paths and neither have God as their light to save each other.
  2. Husband or wife concentrates and spends more time and energy on children and neglect the needs of their spouse.  Spouse feels undervalued, all sorts of competition for time, dejection, anger and hurt ensues in their marriage, and ultimately hurts the kids.

The image on the left best illustrates this.

The natural order of the household is something I found while trying to google a pictorial representation of the heirachy, and is food for thought, for a traditional set up.  Non traditional set ups in our modern world now exist, and I find that as long as the heirachy on the left is adhered to, peace ensues.

My other favourite sites for marriage support are Fierce Marriage and Motherly.

1 Comment

  1. I am shocked to say that I have never seen this so simply and graphically illustrated. The spouse needs to be un above children because if that relationship suffers the children all suffer as well.


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