Review: Montessori for Children (Casa Dei Bambini) Newton Campus

I really wanted to like the Montessori for Children, as it was purist.  It ticked my Montessori and mandarin boxes:

  1. 2 hour work cycles (Yet to find anywhere in Singapore that adhered to 3h, P & J Montessori Kindergarten might be one)
  2. Small classroom size, Student teacher ratio of 5
  3. AMI trained staff (This is a rarity!)
  4. Mandarin Laoshi in the same classroom as English speaking directress.
See how engrossed the children can be when immersed in their workflow.  That’s when the magic of learning is occurring.


As a mere visitor, I felt it didn’t have a spirit about it.  The admin staff seemed aloof, the email conversations were aloof.  Even the parents picking up their kids on that day I visited, looked aloof.

There was no hint of community, or parent involvement.  I scored the vibe a 3 out of 5.

It was only after long conversation with Irene the Newton Principal, during my second visit, that she warmed up with stories and evidence of her love of the work, as well as her professionalism.  She had sent her two children here and seen them grow up into beautiful, independant Montessorians with an inner sense of discipline and self motivation.

There is a lack of online reviews, and perhaps they refrain from advertising heavily, for fear of attracting a crowd that may not fully understand or accept the concept.

I have no doubt this is a fantastic school, that attracts parents who are looking for a purist Montessori.  It remains in my top 3 choices in my list of rankings.

To see how this Montessori ranks with my other preschools, check out my previous blog post.

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