Snack attack while Breastfeeding!

One of the quirks/perks of breastfeeding is I get truly hungry, and if I’ve not had a triple sized main meal then I’m going to be grazing on everything I see!

Time to step up on the healthy snacks.

My favourites…and by no means the healthiest although I try, are

Colourful nutrients

  • Hummus and fresh vegetables (Cucumber, Peppers, Carrots)
  • Steamed purple sweet potatoes (which are actually yellow inside)


  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Edam cheese
  • Peanut butter and maple syrup with Himalayan sea salt
  • Additionally, I’ve been using Herbalife protein bars to keep up with my calories (And sugar, and GMO soy, eeps!)


  • Lots of water!  Need some help with the taste, so mum’s been brewing delicious thirst quenching Luo Han Guo and Chrysanthemum tea.
  • A glass of full cream milk
  • A Guinness stout or any good hoppy beer here and there as a happy galactogogue 🙂


I’m sure many a seasoned mama has had these ‘woes’ before and I’m being a true n00b sharing this old wives’ old news.

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