Winding down 2017 already…why?

This year started off balanced, and then I got into an overachieving frenzy and burnt out.  So for the rest of the year, no more new projects, more self care and living life in the present.

I shall begin focussing on my achievements as well as on my monthly goals.  It helps to balance out the futurist visionary in me!

In 2017 I accomplished…


  • Read and discus my daily bread with hubbly
  • Begun praying before meals
  • Begun praying together as a family



  • Completing the 10 week Couple Empowerment Programme with the hubbles, deepening our relationship and repairing it from all the stresses a new baby, new routine and new identity brought.We resolve to discover, deepen our understanding of, and enjoy each other a lot more!


  • Enjoying weekly swim lessons with Nat who is now progressing to the next class as he’s a dolphin!
  • Established family and friends day on Saturdays, every weekend
  • Breastfeeding Nat at 10 months and counting 🙂
  • Travelled to Hong Kong, London and Wiltshire thrice, Bangkok, Sydney, Sardinia
  • Decided on Nat’s preschool for when he turns 3!  (He’s 10 months old, and his mother is an overachiever, remember?  Montessori all the way.)
  • Completed Tweedlewink 10 Volumes of flashcard DVD programme for Nat
  • Completed Volume 1 Glenn Doman Mandarin and English flashcards

Career and vocation

  • Completed my ACNEM Fellowship modules
  • Completed by ABAARM Board Writtens
  • Took up a post as medical adviser to a DNA testing  lab and start up.
  • Partnership with a nutraceutical and pharmaceutical company to spread awareness on brain health
  • Started up monthly practitioner meetings in my specialty to network and re-form the society
  • Established my monthly newsletter and doubled my subscribers
  • Gave a primer talk on Epigenetics to HNW investors – a succesful event!  And several more talks this year, too many.
  • Hosted a 10 week cancer support group journeying through Chris beats cancer modules.
  • Considering several more interesting assigments

Health and Wellness

  • Fixed my terrible back with physiotherapy and feel so much more myself!
  • 2 monthly Massage therapy 🙂
  • 2 monthly TCM
  • Weekly pilates
  • Read Toto-Chan, a beautiful book touching on the wonders and truths of early childhood learning
  • Reconnected with my INFP tribe at London College of Hypnotherapy
  • Explored and allowed by subconscious to work on what it means to be an overachiever, managing my energy in order not to get in my own way 🙂


That’s quite a bit!

Now, we are likely to get even more done now that I’ve relaxed abit!  Strange but true. What will we accomplish in Q4 without even trying?

Complete War and Peace? Finally compile our wedding photos?  These seem like daunting tasks but I have already split the work with the hubbles with the latter.  (ie. palmed off all my responsibily for it!)

2018 goals

  • Complete fellowship viva
  • Complete board exam viva
  • Build up fitness to be able to dance, climb, run safely post partum again!
  • Possibly begin Acupuncture and TCM course
  • Begin serving in ministry
  • Be ever ready for God to bless us with more little versions of us
  • Have lots of fun and family time.
  • Travel of course, we’ve already lined up Melbourne, London, Croatia, Bali, Las Vegas…
  • More is less; choose assignments wisely to align with goal of thought leadership, leading the evolution of medicine to impart wisdom, integrative health, and to further develop futurist healthcare thinking to help governments think differently about our dependence on pharma money that is actually making our fragile little 5 million strong society sicker, genetically weaker, and if continued might just lead to a fallen race.  (not exaggerating!)




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