Why homeschool is my top choice


  1. Delaying institutionalised learning results in better outcomes
  2. Closeness to family rather than peers who are fumbling around all the same
  3. One on one attention, love and time
  4. Love of learning vs performing only for tests
  5. Broad education – may pursue more than the usual 4 subjects at primary school age
  6. Free to explore during weekdays
  7. Bespoke education paced with your child’s abilities (with private tuition where needed especially mandarin)
  8. Holiday anytime!
  9. Time saving travelling to and from school, and between lessons.


  1. Second priority entry into secondary school should they need to enter local sec sch.
  2. My perception is that I need to be very organised and be on top of my lesson planning.
  3. Miss out on large school community projects


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