A simple yet effective skincare routine

Mummies need to be minimalist!  No more diva behaviour, hanging out in the bathroom for hours refusing to leave until everything is perfect.

Investing in good skincare and the occasional skin peel or dermabrasion to keep things matt and smooth helps to ensure one won’t have to use too much pore-clogging makeup to cover anything up.  I’ve got to a point where I can happily say if I go out without makeup it’s no longer the end of the world.

Oh yeah, thank the lord for lash extensions!

Here goes

  1. Water and Magic Mitt cloth (Occasionally I’ll use a drop of ODT cleansing serum) for removing makeup.  In the mornings I simply use witch hazel toner on a cotton pad to cleanse.
  2. Dermagold Hydra recovery gel or ODT Intensive Bioactive cream

Makeup?  Only jane iredale from makeup artist Ivy, the ultimate skincare makeup that lasts forever and never clogs your pores.  It’s the only thing I will recommend to my patients with problem skin.

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