The diary of a Muji addict

I don’t know how this happened, but I started hanging out at Muji Cafe at Plaza Singapura every week after Pilates.

First, I tried all the makeup and was astounded by the quality even though I already use Jane Iredale and have no need for new makeup.  But the nature of Jane Iredale is their makeup lasts forever and sometimes a woman’s got a need to simply BUY SOME MAKE UP.  (Only to give them away to my younger sisters who will happily try, test and use free makeup!)

Then I tried their skincare and tried to convince myself I’d use everything (but I’m quite minimalist with my skincare routine too!) but really I didn’t need their pre-toner, toner, moisturising milk, cream, and so on, which was frankly quite a lot of things according to what they recommend you do, on their beauty brochure.


Look at how neat things stack up!  This is not too zen but it’s nearest to what I can hope to achieve in our kitchen right now.  Uniform containers which are space saving just make my heart smile, and the level of order and level of design genius in MUJI items has the ability to make me tear up with joy.

Muji homes are another level of minimalist yet full of natural materials and light.  A montessori mummy’s delight!

Feast your eyes.



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