How to speak my husband’s love language

I’m a kinesthetic person, how I feel is how reality is. When words don’t match my feeling of a situation, I err toward trusting my feelings.

I like affection and sensuality. How affectionate I am, reflects how I feel.

My husband? He likes words.

So me speaking anything other than words might be lost on him, by no fault of his.

And when he doesn’t explicitly hear “Thank you for…”, “I really appreciate when you did…”, “I’m sorry please forgive me for…”, “Please can you…”, he doesn’t sense those invisible sentiments from my radar emitter. I have to say it with my voice.

So, I have started journalling things I might say and whay I am grateful for, so those sentiments have a place in my heart and finally they make it to my mouth quicker, and more naturally.

It is working slowly. It used to feel unnatural and forced. Less so with practice.

The added benefit is that with children at home they can hear these things and learn too, to communicate explicitly.

Because most human beings listen with their ears not their hearts or bellies!

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