My detox stack

Modern life is stressful on our bodies.

Taken out of our natural green environments, everyday stresses at work and school are now perceived at fight or flight intensity.

Our soil is overfarmed and devoid of nutrients

Pesticides and pharmaceutical drug and hormone residues are recirculating our waters

Industrial waste products and heavy metals are finding their way into our waters and therefore fish and livestock

Fish is overfarmed, full stop.

Cancer rates are rising, and younger people are getting deathly cancers.

Is this the way we should live? Turning these big mistakes around will take a century.

Hopefully my detox efforts can protect myself in this lifetime as well as reduce toxin load on my offspring.

Here’s my stack. It’s pretty much the best of the best.

  1. Quantum life liver support or Quicksilver’s Liver Sauce
  2. Metagenics Phytomulti

  3. Coffee enemas ❤️
  4. Toxapravent medipure and mediplus and chlorella to bind metals and toxins or Quicksilver Ultrabinder
  5. Microbiomax, Kefir, Fermented foods
  6. Okra Pepsin E3 – small intestine biofilm
  7. Remove amalgams
  8. Exercise barefoot on the grass and swim in the sea!
  9. Practice fasting once in a while.  Every Friday and yearly at Lent is a natural opportunity for Christians, or the ever trendy Intermittent Fasting
  10. Choose to be present and happy.  Choose to forgiveness and acceptance.

Secret is out! Enjoy!

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