Little Woods Montessori Review

I thought my search was over, and that nothing could top P & J Montessori, Lodestar, Green Tree Montessori Children’s Hub in terms of AMI training and more importantly “purist” application of the Montessori culture and values.

But those places are far away from the central region we live in.

Then a little birdy (A happy mum!) that gave me her word about Little Woods Montessori, in the perfect area for us.

About the principal

Principal Miss Hafsa Fatha hails from Sri Lanka and has settled for 26 years in Singapore.  She has spent 2 years in Netherlands with AMI, and trained with Joyce Gunasekara who had trained under Maria Montessori herself.  She beams with pride to be connected to the original lineage.   Her own kids are montessorians, and are in their mid 20s, doing very well.

About the Montessori

While little woods employs teachers with Montessori qualifications from various other places, she has an in house training that aligns everyone with the culture of a purist AMI.

The school is having their 20 year anniversary this year, and pride themselves on the number of alumni who visit the school, contribute with talks and even help with the yearly concert.

Pro-rating of sessions

While they recommend a child attends 5 sessions a week, for the child’s love of routine, if I were to take him out of school for a day a week I may do so but fees remain the same.

This is important to us as we wish to continue with our weekly Forest School which adds infinite value to our childhood, strength and intelligence!

They have a large enough outdoor space and natural light especially in the classroom for under 3 year olds.

They have a piano for music lessons on Wednesdays.  Art day is on Wednesdays too.

Our thoughts

Nat had a natural gravitation to Miss Hafsa’s gentle and warm manner, and I could sense a bubbly enthusiasm, and a sureness about the success of her methods.

The outdoor space was such a charm!

We are currently enrolled for a term in an infant community, as they are able to pro-rate a twice a week attendance.

This is a cost saving for us, and perfect for the mummy who wants to mix things up with homeschool/unschooling/chilling

I will be making a decision again when him and I are ready to part for 5 mornings a week. *cries*


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