Review: Cherrybrook Kindergarten Open Day, East Coast

cherrybrook crest small

It’s about time for Nat to go into full time preschool before baby #2 comes along so he gets into a routine.

He seems ready, doing 1h drop offs at Kindyroo weekly and 3h drop offs at the infant community at MFC two afternoons a week.

This will give me and my helper a good block in the morning (and the occasional afternoons) to do housework and focus on babycare and cuddles!)

Somehow, my brain went around in circles and completely forgot about the beauty of Cherrybrook, with my list of really great Montessorris: Littlewoods Montessori, Montessori For Children, P&J Kindergarten, Lodestar Montessori preschool & Lodestar Montessori (Their elementary school for 6-12 year olds).

Then they had a circular go around the churches about how they have staff trained in Catechesis of the Good Shepherd for their optional enrichment sessions, and by this time, 3 mummy friends of mine have kids in there (to wonderful effect, hands down) and another 2 have them as their dream school.

I thought, how could I forget them!

They are equidistant to my top choice at the moment.  And after all, Cherrybrook was the very first school we had visited, when Nat was 6 months old 😉

I had emailed for a second and final visit to their Farrer road branch, but since they had an open day and a parent presentation coming up on a weekend, I took the opportunity to go with Neil so he would get to see their philosophy too.

The Cherrybrook Kindergarten East Coast branch address is 6 Jalan Ulu Siglap, perfect for those in the east.

Their premise is newly and thoughtfully done up, and while it has a small entrance typical of old bungalows, it stretches out lengthwise to enclose a huge space inside, with lots of rooms for K1 and K1 studies, naps, snack area, and alot of natural light.

It also has a big grass garden patch which is walled up and private!

It looks like a true blue montessori to me without being called one, and from the parent presentation, they know their stuff where Maria Montessori’s philosophy and approach is concerned.

Nat was playing around and Miss Stephanie was there (from their Upper Thomson Road branch) gently guiding him to first keep his current items before choosing the next item to work on.

They also had more complex beads and montessori materials for once a child is normalised and comfortably in the 3-6 year old age range to be able to use them.

In all, they ticked my boxes:

  • A commited parnership with families in cultivating virtues
  • Montessori authenticity
  • Rigorous English and Mandarin syllabus
  • Loving and trustworthy staff that treat their jobs as a vocation
  • A beautiful space
  • A community of likeminded and involved parents
  • A social enterprise, where our school fees will be used to benefit generations beyond our cohort.

Here are some snapshots from the Parent presentation – Enjoy!

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