REVIEW: Lodestar Montessori Preschool


I had visited Lodestar Montessori Preschool when they shared a location with Lodestar Montessori School (Their elementary school for 6-12 year olds), at Jalan Selaseh.

During this visit I had the pleasure of meeting with one of the founders Miss Sheila Ong (AMI 3-6, 6-12) and Kelly (AMI 3-6) trained montessori guide.

Since then, they had found a new site for their preschool at Kovan.  (23 Jalan Teliti, Singapore 537319)

Both their locations were a deal breaker for me, but let me continue, as they provide an authentic, loving environment and I would trust my son in their care wholeheartedly.

I was bullish about finding out about them as I wanted to have an option should I decide to pull Nat out of mainstream education in order to better fulfil his potential.


  • Elementary school Montessori – the only one in Singapore!
  • 3 hour work cycles
  • Mixed age classes
  • Authentic staff that exude integrity and love.
  • Montessori Piano guide as part of their staff


  • Location
  • No guarantee that he would be allowed to pursue elementary education (MOH exemption letter is needed for all Singaporean Citizens)
  • Smaller sport and pastoral/religious component as compared with a typical large government catholic school

This school and their loving team ticked all my virtues-loving, montessori mad mummy boxes and I am very pleased to have an option should mainstream school not bring out the best in him!



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